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Magellan knows how crucially important it is for a specialist to have access to exclusive or preferential brands that are at the heart of a top-quality, high-end market.
So here at Magellan, our carefully selected products and brands are distributed only to specialized fruit and vegetable distributors. We do our absolute best to ensure that this selective distribution of our brands for our referenced customers and partners, from market to market, is respected over a period of time.

Magellan allows its customers to differentiate their product line from mass market offerings. Magellan selects brands that are not distributed in these circuits.
 Our first trademark
 Our first trademark
Mageo is synonymous with quality and the differences that will become your strengths.

Thanks to partnerships with quality suppliers, to hands-on control of logistics and supply chain management, Mageo can offer a range of superior quality fruit intended for selective market distribution.

Mageo actively contributes to help strengthen your image as a specialized distributor in your market.

Mageo: top marketing performance to further your development and increase the profitability of your fruit import activities.
Our second trademark
Our second trademark
Millesime: fruits of exception.

If you are in search of excellence, namely an exceptional product for your most demanding customers , look no further ...
With Millesime, Magellan promises fresh fruit of unequalled quality . This product is carefully chosen only after visiting the best producers in the finest agricultural areas in the world, coupled with optimum supply chain management and a very selective distribution policy. This means that you can be sure that you are offering your customers a truly unique product.

But keep in mind - with Millesime, there will never be enough for everyone…
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