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The Magellan brand travels the world to import the best fruits in France since 2008, just like the famous Portuguese navigator, from whom our company name was borrowed.

Following Magellan’s footsteps, as he succeeded in discovering the strait which made it possible to bypass the dangerous Cape Horn in 1520, we always find a way to answer the needs and constraints of our customers or suppliers.

For Jérôme Desmettre, founder and CEO of Magellan, “Our vocation is to import the best off-season fruits, corresponding to fruits that can’t be found in France, and that French customers request throughout the year".

Magellan is therefore a multi-fruit brand. Grapefruit, orange, lemon, clementine, pomelos,  lime, avocados, mango, banana … Our range of products is complete!









As part of its development, Magellan visual identity has improved. Better featuring our traits, our logo is slenderer and more generous. We also display a new signature: “Et le monde a du goût!” (translation : “And the world has taste!”). It embodies the promise to provide you with the best flavours from across the globe, all year round. Finally, we have renamed our 2 existing ranges: Magellan Selection and Magellan Exclusive, and extended our range with an additional third one entitled: Magellan Bio (organic).


Magellan Selection is our range of optimal quality fruits, intended for selective distribution.

Magellan Exclusive is our range of exceptional fruits complying with all your demands.

Magellan Bio (organic) is our range of naturally tasty fruits labelled "Organic Agriculture".

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